Quartet I - Madonna

homourous biography

Elizaveta Chukhonova, better known as Louise Chakkone or Madonna, was born in 1958 in the city of Kharkov in Ukraine. Liza’s father, Nikolai Chukhonov, immediately after the birth of his daughter, started drinking with joy and since then, he never saw Liza, although he lived with her in the same apartment until her 16th birthday. Noting this event, Chukhonov Sr. drank more than usual, which led to the disintegration of his personality into two equal halves right before the eyes of the amazed guests.

After the ridiculous death of her father, the future Madonna was forced to go to work in Moscow, because she had a mother and eight older brothers between the ages of 18 and 52 years old, one of whom had already died by that time. In Moscow, Chukhonova tried to get a job as the head of the laboratory at the brain research institute, but she wasn’t taken there because she didn’t have a Moscow residence permit, and she went to prostitutes, moreover since they paid more. By the way, Madonna sings about this period of her life in the song “Material Girl”.

In the letters to her mother, she wrote: “My work is interesting, with people. I work well, I over-fulfill the plan, elder comrades praise me. ” And then one day Madonna met a handsome young American and fell in love with him for a hundred of dollars. The young Kharkiv woman liked the overseas guest so much that he decided to take her with him to San Francisco. To do this, he rolled it into the carpet in the form in which he loved her, and put her into the luggage. But at the New York airport there was an overlay, as a result of which the American left for San Francisco, and the carpet with Madonna stayed at the airport, from where he was stolen by a black bum who lived in Central Park in a box from under the radio. After many years, Madonna dedicated the song “Beautiful Stranger” to him.

For the next three months, Madonna lived in the park, sleeping in a hollow, eating squirrels and plastic cups and scaring the local residents with terrible sounds, which later turned out to be Ukrainian folk songs. During this time, she has become the main attraction of the Central Park. Parents took the children to see how she was chasing swans and pleasure boats on the surface of the lake. It is precisely at this time that the famous pictures were taket with naked Madonna who votes on the road, trying to go back to the airport. And when CNN passed a story in which she, sitting on a branch in one hairstyle, sang “Nese Galya Voda”, then several porno magazines and one well-known music producer, who was sick with flat feet, immediately became interested in her .
The further fate of Elizabeth Chukhonova, who became Madonna, is known to the whole world. It only remains to add that, in spite of her 42 years, Madonna still looks pretty good ... M-yes. Sorry.

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