Khovansky and Jerzy Sarmat trampled Madonna (18+)

Who does she think she is?


Jerzy Sarmat: The sage sent us a dollar. Jura, why did it happen that the Madonna, who is famous all over the world (on the channel) is many times fewer subscribers than the smelly, fat, curly ragged from Penza?

Yuri Khovansky: I think so, fat, curly, stinky ragged from Penza - it's me. I don’t fuck at heart how many subscribers the Madonna has. And I don’t fuck in my heart why the Madonna even has a YouTube channel. How old is she, damn it? Why would anyone subscribe to Madonna?

ES: First of all, I don’t think that this old left-liberal pussy is popular somewhere. In my opinion, it was popular in the 80s and 90s.

JH: Well this is, I'm a Material Girl ... in a material world.

ES: Just a virgin.

ES: Actually, this pseudonym is "Madonna" - it was thought up under one .. under one song as if. This one is Like a Virgin. When she still fucking, she stepped on the hem of her dress, her dress began to fall apart at a performance, she decided to beat it all. It was originally a one-day project, but it just went very well for everyone and she woke up famous. And so it was some kind of provincial Mexican singer, which, therefore, had previously acted in porn and, there, I don’t know, sucked everyone to make her famous there. Well, that is a trivial story enough.

JH: Yes, I’m all about what you could write, why is Tyler there or what’s the name of that fagot, who is an astrophysicist, fuck? Neil Degrass Tyson, Ept. He, Neil Degrass Tyson, has fewer subscribers, what do you, like, fagot from Penza. But like Madonna? Seriously? Yes, she’s ten times less talented than me, whore. About.

ES: The only thing she became famous for was the fact that she lied a ton of money into some kind of Kabbalism for the gentiles. She brought fashion to these cocky red strings around her wrists.

JH: I pressed myself to crucify on the cross, fucking. She is fucked tight. Like, you fucking wonder?

ES: She is an ethnic Catholic, but she has problems because of this.

JH: She was apparently fucked in childhood by someone with a cross, fuck the fuck.

ES: Not fucked soon.

JH: Ah, not fucked!

ES: The thing here is that it was and still is in some kind of Kabbalistic sect. But the problem is that only male Jews over 40 can engage in real Kabbalah. She is not a man. Over 40 years old - yes, now she meets these criteria, because she is 120 years old in my opinion.

JH: In short, I realized that you wanted to crap me, bro - I’m telling the donor. But choose Madonna for this? Campaign, you are the only fan of the Madonna who survived, fucking, in Russia. Like, the last one. You and Maxim Dosha - but that one in Ukraine, damn it. He also loved Madonna. Why do you think the only person I know from is Maxim, bitch, Dosha.

ES: So that's why he moved to the USA? Does he want to be closer to Madonna?

JH: I thought he was moving to Germany.

ES: U lives in the USA. He’s a channel good on YouTube.

JH: Fuck, you fucked PR fuck. Fucking this is not Maxim Dosh.

ES: This is Maxim Dosha.

Rokostan Dontsov sent us a dollar.
"Well, in vain you drive Madonna. Madonna is a cult person, at least until the 2000s."
Yes, but we do not live until the 2000s. We live after.

"She donated as much as $ 200 million to African children."
Yes, for what? Basically, this money is stolen by these funds.

JH: Fucking funds, damn it.

ES: Doubtful. Again, public charity - it is needed just so that everyone kisses you in the ass later. Oh, what a philanthropist you are.

JH: And not only that, I just wrote on Twitter that this is a great way to avoid taxes yet. You essentially write charity out of net profit and you get bones for it, damn it, and also the main tax. She probably earned 100 million fucking, and she could give, roughly speaking, 40 US Federal Tax Service, fucking, fuck. Or 20 to charity, plus another 10 to give.

ES: No, he writes that he gave 200 million. Well, by the way, this is a fan of Madonna, as he writes further: “Kurchik, what did you donate to him? She’s 60 years old, and she looks better than you.

JH: So what? Well, fuck her, fuck, since she. Go to her stream to bring, I do not know. You can make a portrait.

ES: No-no-no, let it stay here.

JH: Well, like, fucking dude. So, I somehow got a sidekick on the record and put the song Megadeath. And all such, like: "What are you doing?" And he is like this: "This is Megadeath! Like, this is a cult group." But as Jerzy aptly noted, we are not in the year 2000, damn it. Epta, Madonna now ... Lil ...

ES: I don’t know if it hadn’t been for her today, I would be completely sure that she had died a long time ago.

JH: What is this name - Lil Pump or Pimp, which is XXXTentacion, now a much more iconic figure than Madonna. And I am sorry that your cult has lost many adherents, bro, but this is not a reason for people to be attracted because they do not respect the Madonna. Normal people never respected her.

Fuck dude, then let's say who else is a cult figure. Irina Allegrova - a cult figure, whore? Kristina Orbakaite - a cult figure? No, but there are people who are her fans, too.

ES: Kristina Orbakaite was born at the right time in the right place.

JH: Well, I'm talking about the fact that, fucking, like, they sell tickets at 7 thousand rubles. And someone to walk on them, damn it.

ES: Only a person with good karma can do this.

JH: And they say "it was great music - Irina Allegrova." Madonna is the same Irina Allegrova, dude. Right, well, a little better music. Well, I'm sorry, she’s still there, fucking, in California, and not with us, fucking, fuck. Fuck, there’s no fundamental difference whatsoever. I would rather agree that Viktor Tsoi is a cult figure than a fucking Madonna.

ES: Viktor Tsoi is a cult figure, how not to treat him.

JH: Of course, damn it. On the other hand...

ES: He has a wall on the old Arbat. Do you understand? Wall Tsoi.

JH: Again, I have never been pissed off for the market against Viktor Tsoi, unlike the market towards Timati. To some extent, Timati is a more cult figure.

ES: Tsoi has more liberal fans.

JH: Libertarian, I would say. "U, eighth-grader ...".

ES: No, if Tsoi was a libertarian, he would sing: "U, first grader."

JH: Well, at least a “fifth grader”. Before, after all, there were some concepts too. All in all, the main idea is, dude, that Madonna is just a Western pop song girl, whore. She is no more and no less. No she, fuck, not a cult. She was a cult once.

ES: No, it’s just like a small girl that she was a cult. But the problem is that when a pop singer gets too much money, he starts like: "I don’t want to be just a pop singer. I want to be, fucking, I don’t know there, a genius, a person of the year according to Unesco, the savior of the planet from global fucking warming, saving transgender dolphins, and so on and so forth. " They start to put a lot of money into this.

JH: In short, the main idea, Jerzy, is that you yourself said. What she did not expect and just woke up famous at some point. That is, it was not a long hard road.

ES: Yes, she did porn before, fucking! Just some Mexican trash who fucking came to the States.

JH: And she has a fortanul clip. And after that she spun. And type, with a khui we should type. Does she have to have more cocks than me?

ES: No, if she were a man of science, she would prove some kind of theorem there - yes, no words. But it's just a singer by mouth.

JH: Well, that is, then she would have even fewer subscribers if she had proved the theorem.

ES: No, if she, like Perelman, refused a heap of money.

JH: Initially, the dude was outraged that the Madonna on the channel has fewer subwoofers than mine. That was his ...

ES: No, he just threw it, you know, such a seed. You know that we had something to discuss. People who donate on our joint streams, they don’t just want to share money there. They want to slightly change the vector of our communication. They throw us ... Not on anyone, because in some cases they just give a fuck about what they donate to them. They ignore it and that’s all ... Different streamers have different attitudes towards donators. I drew attention to this. Someone ignores the donators, someone emphasizes the donors with a disdain, but they like it because it is ridiculous.

JH: But everybody fuck on Madonna. I will end this way. Someone like that, someone commercials, but to all fuck on the Madonna.

ES: Yes, yes, that's for sure. Here I agree.

JH: Fuck, this is just weird.

ES: Even if we take some English-speaking pop music, then the Baccarat group or ABBA is much better than Madonna, just at times.

JH: Wait, I'll just check. Mom, are you donating to me? Mom, are you pedaling for Madonna here? Have you come up with a nickname? No one else .. No. No one is listening to the Madonna. Mom, is that you? Mom, write if it's you. Well, my mother just listened to Madonna as a child. Such a fucking music really. In general, I have suffered all my life from the fact that my loved ones listen to some specific music. I lived in dorms and with my friends rented a hut. This is just unbearable.

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