Eugene Ponasenkov about Madonna: a lot of electricity and dance, but she's an idiot in a hat

Moderator: We decided to give you more questions not about politics, but about art. Here's more about the music. In the topic of the previous one. Eugene asks you what you think about the Madonna.

Evgeny Ponasenkov: Is this the one who gave birth from an invisible father?

Moderator: Hmm, maybe she. Well, who sings to the soundtrack.

EP: Ah, that's different. Because the one that is from the invisible father is different. Well, in my opinion, it is not always under the soundtrack. She is still not a Soviet-Russian singer. What do they want to know?

Moderator: They want to know what you think of her as a singer.

EP: How about a singer. Well, you see, it's more and more showmanhood. This is not singing. This is not a pure singer, but an element of show business. Very high quality, very working, very well thought out, very well led by the producers. Of course, stylish. All. But for me it is absolutely uninteresting for one simple reason - there is emptiness. Here it is. What is music or what is a song? A song is a journey. This is the expanse. This is tenderness. This is the wind. This is the noise of the forest. This is destiny. It is sunset and dawn. This is intonation. This is what a song is. And when, instead of all this, a trick and a number were made that the primitive audience were eating ... Well, well, here is an elderly woman who, well, well, they constantly cut her with plastic, okay. She looks at fifty there at forty-eight. Good. Or even twenty. Yes, even for ten years. What's the difference? She synchronously there with some four to five monkeys, or ten, jumps on stage. Synchronously. Stunned! Just get off your mind, how interesting it is! This may interest only completely primitive people who do not understand anything in music, in melody, in love, in the sense. And most importantly - they have nothing to compare! They have nothing to compare with - they feel nothing, they are not looking for anything. Therefore, when the aunt moves synchronously there with three white and four blacks, or vice versa, and oh oh how interesting. Moreover, even light and pyrotechnics. They have yet ... Never seen a plasma !? In plasma, all this, large, a lot of elements, electricity. The feeling is that for 100 years no one has seen enough electricity. Oh well. But there is nothing! Here Edith Piaf stepped on a dark scene on a dark backdrop in a black dress without jewelry. Impossible to break away! Does she know her songs by heart? By heart. Shulzhenko came out, Domingo came out. Domingo never has a backdrop with some kind of image. And there is no apron. It turns out - and everyone will rush to a small figure from afar, because it is impossible to break away. Mireille Mathieu, huh? Which .. I’m not close to her political omnivorousness, but it doesn’t matter. She is a professional. She lives a profession. There is a voice there. There is emotion, meaning, development in the songs. Here. And Madonna - that's it. It’s good, of course, that she looks so that she is being cut. Although, well, it's still nice to come and chat with the crowd. But still, it’s all not fresh - sex with this is no longer possible - it’s not fresh. If physically. Music, I tell you, this is not very interesting to me. In general, these plastics ... Well, that is, it is good, of course, that she is not a cow. It's nice. But still. You know how Ranevskaya said (already then plastic surgery began, Orlova did a lot). And Raneskaya said: "What is the point of plastering when the sewer is rotten?" Anyway, in this Madonna, the sewage system is at her age. Therefore. Also, keep in mind that what you see is directing. That's not her. Here are Piaf, Domingo, Shulzhenko, Delilah, Raphael, Aznavour - these are they. And she is a product. She is at the paws of the product directors. She herself is just an idiot in a knitted hat. Here is one who screams that she promises something there - to leave America or to give a blowjob if Trump wins. And for now, something - Trump has won a long time ago - isn’t going anywhere. Well, in general, so. This is a quality product for the crowd. We don’t have that. These two points are for sure. But at the same time, if you ask me, and seriously, deeply - then, excuse me, such a story.

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