Eva Polna - Madonna (Frozen) (Odin v Odin!)


Nonna Grishaeva: Eve, honestly, were you happy when you learned that you had to show Madonna, or were you scared?

Eva Polna: I can’t say that I was scared. I was worried, because in this country Madonna Ivanovna has a lot of fans. I know how demanding they will be of my performance. They will look at me through the eyes of some kind of prejudiced opinion. In this meaning, of course, it is not easy for me.

Transcriptior from the site of Tatiana Tolstaya's male child (she's well-known for her novel "Kys" (The Slynx), 2003) to Russian (incl. Viktor Shklovsky's Expanded Universe) from the language of choice [XIV century's Geoffrey Chaucer's]: Afrikaans, Bulgarian, 🐉🔥💥Welsh (see map), Hungarian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Turkish, Finnish, Croatian, Czech

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