What do you know about Madonna?



What do you know about Madonna? That she is the richest and most influential female musician in the world? But do you know she is also an android humanoid? In the 20th century, the liberal elites of the United States decided to finally take control of the cultural sphere through the android implementing the desired behavior into the masses. Madonna, or rather the humanoid model MAD-TELEVOX 19-58, has even received a special surname: CICCONE. This is the reversed of ENOCCIC. That is similar to ENAKKIN - a term from the adverb of an ancient tribe Dzheu-Dai meaning “to hide a darkness behind the light”.

In her innocent songs Madonna disguised ultra- and infrasonic vibrations that hypnotized and carried a hidden meaning. Here is what is actually encoded in her harmless texts:

  • Frozen: same-sex love is the norm;
  • Like a Prayer: US national debt is not that big;
  • Crazy for You: I support the bombing of Iraq.

Her latest mission to discredit Trump has failed. And, perhaps, after half-century of operation, RoboMadonna will go to junk. Creators can only hope that microchips of Taylor Swift will last longer.

Unrelated (Radiohead - "Paranoid Android', 1997)

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