"Blyad" is not a swear word, as Kuraev says

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Transcriptior from the site of Tatiana Tolstaya's male child (she's well-known for her novel "Kys" (The Slynx), 2003) to Russian (incl. Viktor Shklovsky's Expanded Universe) from the language of choice [XIV century's Geoffrey Chaucer's]: Afrikaans, Bulgarian, 🐉🔥💥Welsh (see map), Hungarian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Turkish, Finnish, Croatian, Czech

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март 2008

Deacon Andrey Kuraev reveals the etymology of "blyad" word

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September 2009

Melnitsa - "Olga" (lyrics by Nikolai Gumilev) 🔱

Luis Royo "Mist's Edge"
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