"No Cuts" Madonna Interview (NTV, 2012)

TRANSCRIPT FROM RUSSIAN (double transcript)

MADONNA: I only know a few words in Russian.

ANTON VOLSKY: What are they?

MADONNA: Do svidania, spasibo and some bad words I'm not gonna tell you. They are swear words.

ANTON VOLSKY: There would be a tour performance for you : August 4th - in Kiev, August 7th and 9th - in Russia. I've seen your performance here, at Hyde Park. And, you know, what I thought. If you were a Russian citizen you would be charged and sentenced to jail, according to new Russian laws, for at least two years for all the things you on the stage during your show. Does that make you uneasy?

MADONNA: If I were Russian.

ANTON VOLSKY: Yeah, these laws are not implied for foreigners.

MADONNA: Does that make me feel uneasy? It makes me even more sure I should come to Russia with my show. I want people to be enlightened and inspired, and think about the world they live in. If you say Russia is becoming a more and more intolerant place to people who are different, it's important to come here.

ANTON VOLSKY: Have you ever heard about Russian punk group - I'm quoting - Pussy Riot?

MADONNA: Pussy Riot? No. It's a cool name.

ANTON VOLSKY: It's a feminist group three members of those made a performance this February inside the main Russian Orthodox Cathedral. Now they are in jail, they are charged to be imprisoned for several years.

MADONNA: Are they in jail?

ANTON VOLSKY: In prison, yeah.

MADONNA: Really? For doing what?

ANTON VOLSKY: Just dancing inside cathedral and singing Anti-Government songs. That's it. So, you've never heard of it?

MADONNA: No, but I'm sorry to hear they're arrested.

ANTON VOLSKY: You're going to St. Petersburg, too. And St. Petersburg now is well known for controversial law forbidding all types of homosexual propaganda. And your concert will occure during the high of debates about the law. What can you say?

MADONNA: That people should become more tolerant. That we should all see each other as human beings. Not as gay or not gay, Christian or not Christian. Try to... I mean, at the end of the day it's the only way to achieve peace in the world. If we stop seeing each others' differences and pay attention to what's common. Hopefully, they'll get that message during my show.

ANTON VOLSKY: BTW, why do you use so much, at least during your recent tour, Christian symbols and imagery?

MADONNA: You mean, at the beginning of the show with cathedral? Because I was raised Catholic.

ANTON VOLSKY: So, you're exorcising your own demons?

MADONNA: Because, well, a cathedral, the image of Chirst symbol is a very provocative and evocative image. The Cross presents a man, human suffering. I've found, growing up in the Catholic Church, that this religion is very oppressive. I've found, and noone gave me any answers to think to prove I'm wrong, that Catholicism is not on the side of women or art. So, it's me wrestling with the demons of my past but I also find there's a lot of drama outside Catholic Churthc, which is no amusing. I'm trying to use it to express myself. And exploding the symbology of religion, and trying in a way to say, you know, "this is the idea of God, not the idea of symbols".

ANTON VOLSKY: You're bringing in Russia, as long as I know, your four children. Maybe they'll be able to see Moscow, St. Petersburg.

MADONNA: They've seen it already.

ANTON VOLSKY: Recently I've seen, just as other people in the audience at your concert, your son on the stage. Does it mean you want your children to follow your footsteps?

MADONNA: No, my son has asked me to be in my show. He's been dancing for couple of years now. Without me. He saw prepaation routine. He has a lot of friend among my dancers. So, it was his choice to be in my show, I never asked him to do it. To tell you the truth, I was amazed he's interested in dancing. It was my daughter who I was thought would be an actress.And she works in a wardrobe. They're both im my show doing the job they asked. And I have no intentions for them to follow my footsteps.

ANTON VOLSKY: In connection with this. You're obviously a role model for hundreds for thousands of single moms, working moms all over the world, not only in Russia. Is there an advice you can give them?

MADONNA: Well, it's not easy being a single mother. Mother of four children. It's a big job. So, I say, best advice is to take it one day at a time. And to remember you're a human being. To do the best job that you can. And remember that at the end of the day it's not about what you do on you job, that's not what your children are going to remember. They're going to remember how loved they felt. And tha'ts important thing.

ANTON VOLSKY: The very last question. Many of your fans, at least in Moscow, are very unhappy about ticket prices. They say that it's sky-high. For example, for a place in dancing fan-zont one should pay 500 dollars. But agency sais it's just your demands that are so high.

MADONNA: O, that the places near the stage are expensive. Yes, the best seats in a house. It's worthy.

ANTON VOLSKY: Ok. thank you very much.

MADONNA: My pleasure.

ANTON VOLSKY: We wait for you in Russia.

MADONNA: Ok, see you in Russia.

Transcriptior from the site of Tatiana Tolstaya's male child (she's well-known for her novel "Kys" (The Slynx), 2003) to Russian (incl. Viktor Shklovsky's Expanded Universe) from the language of choice [XIV century's Geoffrey Chaucer's]: Afrikaans, Bulgarian, 🐉🔥💥Welsh (see map), Hungarian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Turkish, Finnish, Croatian, Czech

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