Big Difference: SEREBRO [IPA: [sʲɪrʲɪˈbro], Runr: ᛋᛖᚱᛖᛒᚱᛟ] - Mama Lyuba [IPA: [ˈmamə ˈlʲubə], Runr: ᛗᚨᛗᚨ ᛚᚤᚢᛒᚨ]



Sometimes we sing at our concerts.
We are like two Shakiras, only there are three of us.
We have dedicated our new video to our beloved mother,
And she said we were just a "blip".

Mom Lyuba is right, right, right.

Director: This is awful, just disgusting, you know?! Lena, what's going on? You are kind of sleepy today! Wake up, finally! Olya! It hurts me to see what you are doing with the script! Where is suspense? (Olga takes out a lollipop) Why not in your mouth ?! (Olga puts the lollipop in her mouth) Margo ... Viktor Mikhailovich! (the actor looks out from behind Nastya's rubber doll) You are pulling the blanket over yourself!
Olga Seryabkina: Fyodor Sergeevich, can we make Nastya back?
Director: Who?! This absolutely superficial, this mediocre, squeezed actress?! Do you want to move a real talent? No need for amateur performances!
Actor: Sorry, I want to remind you that I have to be in the theater. Today I have an important premiere "Parsley (Petrushka) Gathers Friends" ...
Director: Call your Nastya!

Anastasia Karpova (holding out a condom): I will not inflate this, even if it is electronically tested at least three times!
Director: Nastya, why don't you understand the depth of this metaphor? It's a rubber sphere, a symbol of the trampled capital! (Moscow isn't made of rubber)

Elena Temnikova: I don't understand, when Olya slaps me on the buttocks should I feel sad-surprise or maso-joy?
Director: Remember what we talked about! Who are you in this story?
Elena: A woman of difficult fate ... I'm going to the pool to wash off the bitterness of treacherously interrupted love ...
Director: Suddenly interrupted! And what is your ultimate task here?
Elena: (obscene)
Director: That's right! Now imagine that a person with the same ultimate task lifts your skirt and slaps you on this ... butt! What do you feel?
Elena: I feel like trampled ... capital!
Director: That's right. Let's go! Buckled up!

Director: Stop, stop! Nastya, I don't see you empathizing with your friend. Well, pull up your leg! Higher! Olya, why don't you look at the camera?
Olga Seryabkina: Yes, I look, I look.
Director: Oh, class! Do you know who you are? You are a fool behind the wheel. Exactly, this is your grain. Make it scary as you can, so that people here are afraid to drive. Come on, please!

Director: Now, everyone on their knees!
Elena: Why kneel?
Director: Fadeev is here!
Maxim Fadeev: Hi ... Well, I couldn't sleep all night, I was thinking about our song. Everything seems cool but something is missing ... something about Russia. “He-he-gay, Russia! Fasten me, mother! .. "
Director: That is a great idea!
Fadeev: Stop, what is this - "Silver (SEREBRO)"? And I thought Katya Lel was filming. For you girls, I'm calm ... White panties?
(Elena, Nastya and Olga show)

Fadeev: Well, that's it.. this is Grammy ...
Director: Maxim, wait a second! One question literally. With the main message, I understand it, we have coped - the cowards are white. But aren't we emphasizing the topic of heterosexuality too excessively? .. (Fadeev - zero attention) Well, just look, it sticks out or not!

We have worked for you, for you, for you.
This song is about us, about us, about us.
Caution, it's Kamaz, Kamaz, Kamaz.

Olga Seryabkina: Oh, girls! It seems I have crushed the Kamaz.


SUSPENSE ("The Nutcracker", Russian dance, Trepak "Candy Cane", Grigorovich choreo.)

"Candy Canes", Balanchine choreo.

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