Poor Lisa. Mother of the Famous Singer Madonna [Is Still in a State of Living Creature Who a Kind of] Lives in Russia

(Vladimir Chernov, Ogoniok, 1992)
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Comic article April 1, 1992, № 14-15.

All the old drunks, hawkers, newspaper sellers and passengers coming to work by electric trains know this old beggar woman who asks at the Savelovsky railway station near the Soyuzpechat booth. Her name is Aunt Pasha. She is always here, among the softened adjacent drifts, fountains of slush from under the engine wheels. “Aunt Pasha!" - regular customers shout to her, running past and crumpled ruble thrusting into her brown palm. “Go to the crossing, get warm!” A beggarly woman of indefinite age is a sign of our life. "Pelageya Stepanovna," she called me when asked, "and the last name is Chi-kin." She hid her palm folded in a boat behind her back. “I myself am from Marina Grove,” Aunt Pasha told me. “I come here because I have a lot to do with Savelovsky railway station. My husband was taken away from here to Kolyma. When he returned in the 56th, he became a hitch worker again. He drank, of course. That crushed his car during coupling. He spoke French, taught in the camp, and loved to read the novel "Poor Lisa". When my daughter was born, he called her "Liza".

They dreamed. to make Lisa happy. But where to make it? Aunt Pasha blew away the dust particles, and she always went to school cleanly, everything was darned, patched, and neat. And she studied well, was a pioneer. But all up to the sixth grade. Girlfriends knocked Lisa off the righteous road, Savelovsky girls who traded themselves for three roubles. And one day Lisa, impatient, a pioneer, went with them, and in the morning, weeping, brought her first fifteen roubles to the house.
She did not work for a long time at Savelovsky, and soon began to walk to the center, and she had outfits and underwear. When Aunt Pasha found out that Liza was walking with foreigners, she raised her hand to punish daughter for the first time. And then quiet Lisa started singing to her and her face, drunk, smearing her lipstick, started singing her favorite song: “My dad was a janitor, and my mother is a lady! Yes, if you are a count or a little intake, you are equally kin to me! I love white, I love red - no, no, not a banner, a-ah ... wine! ” And the mother’s hand fell. And then Ngamba appeared, a student from the University of Lumumba, from the blackest Africa, even entered the house, a capitalist. “Turning nose from ours,” said Aunt Pasha, when the guest took some hair out of a cup. But Liza did not care anymore, if only abroad: even to Antarctica, to marry a penguin!

Ngamba tooka Lisa away. And she disappeared somewhere in the wilds of Africa. Her friend Raika, who had been taken away earlier, had written to her mother a letter that white girls in Africa are ill, blacks are holding them as wives first, and then sold to brothels. “There are a lot of us, Russians,” Raika wrote from a brothel. “But Lizka, maybe she will succeed.” Her clients are good — soldiers from the American base, paying in green. ” There were no more letters from Raika: Raika died from the bite of a terrible African fly.

Lately, Aunt Pasha kept herself well. A beggar man can not be sick. Her salary does not go. If it is served well, in the evening you can also undergo treatment: Tofig always pours a red cup for a quarter. And if it's not served...
Not seeing Aunt Pasha in his usual place, I approached Tofik. “The old woman became quite bad,” Tofik said. “In the morning I poured the debt on drugs, now she’s gone to the transition, she’s sitting there, very badly, ts, ts, ts!”. Erotic newspapers. She stared at the naked woman, printed in full sheet. The seller looked down on her, drunk, crawling in front of him. “Aunt Pasha! - I shouted. - Do not be humiliated! I will buy you this woman! ”I gave the seller ten rubles, and he pushed Aunt Pasha with his foot,“ Soviet screen-No 1, 1992. “It is Lizka, mine! - Aunt Pasha showed me the picture with pride and tenderness. - She was found) "

Yes, it was she. Now her name was Louise Veronica Ciccone. And she was still pretty. There, in the West, the Americans being amazed by her Russian beauty, began to call her Madonna. Interview with her, the most famous of sex bombs, I read Aunt Pasha. “Sean was the only man I obeyed. When I left the cinema where his last picture was going, it literally boiled with rage. Sean is playing there with his new partner, and every time. as she climbed to kiss him, I wanted to shout: “Get out, bitch!” “She, Lizka! - said aunt Pasha, - Just like her father. Is there nothing about me?” “About you? “I lost my mother in my youth. For me, the most exciting episode of the film is where I visit my mother’s grave. ”Aunt Pasha cried: "I'm alive, after all." "Aunt Pasha, this is a movie! .." But she did not hear. The grief of the old woman was so great that I had to take her to the Marina Grove, where she took another dose of medication, and when her hands stopped trembling, she took out an old family album from the trunk, where I saw Lisa as a child. If Aunt Pasha would know how much they would have given for this album in the West.

I did not upset Aunt Pasha, let her last consolation remain. But today I want to ask Madonna bathing in luxury: “Do you know, Liza Chikina. that in the distant CIS at Savelovsky station is your old mother with an outstretched hand? Maybe your conscience will finally wake up? "

Vladimir Chernov


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