London Shock

(Dmitry Dibrov, TASS, 1987)
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Even the residents of the London neighborhoods, who are used to the inconvenient surroundings that adjoin Wembley Stadium, appealed to the authorities to forbid what is happening there: too noisy. And sensors were installed on the roofs of their houses, ready to react instantly if the complaints were confirmed. The field hospital is located under the stands, and there have already been patients who did not stand the test of a crush in the 77-thousand crowd. Several evenings throughout the north of London there were many hours of traffic congestion. What happened on the field of Wembley? Just a concert. In London, for the first time, appeared “American pop queen” - that's how local press dubbed the singer Madonna as the title.

Madonna is a slim, painted blonde who sings not very original rock compositions with her hoarse vocals. Judging by the name that her parents gave to her twenty-nine years ago - the devout couple of Italian immigrants Ciccone - we can assume: all that they expected was to raise a respectable daughter, educated in the spirit of Christian morality. Everything turned out differently - Madonna - Louise Ciccone became the “queen”. But despite the loud title, her life path is the complete collapse of parental hopes.

You will recognize the loyal "Her Majesty" at first sight. These are schoolgirls, young strands faded in the image and likeness of hydrogen peroxide, young strands, dark glasses of the fifties from mother’s chests, copying the singer’s black and pink toilets, and at the same time her thoughts. They are called “Wannaabes,” which can be translated as “I want to be.” They want to be like Madonna. She frankly glorifies the ability and desire to make money by any means. One of her militants, “Material Girl?”, Is the manifesto of this particular position of the pop queen. "I am a material girl living in the material world." At one time, the "material girl" arrived in New York from Michigan with thirty-five dollars in the back pocket of jeans. And then there was a not very attractive story, which, if you were talking about someone else, you probably would have tried to hide: “men's” magazine “Penthouse” published a series of pornographic pictures with the image of Madonna-Louise dressed as the mother gave her birth to. The fact that suddenly there was a tone and voice in a porn model was pure coincidence. But Madonna has transferred all the ways of her former profession to the stage. She doesn't even try to conceal her past.

All that talk about me is “True,” Madonna said first to those who gathered at Wembley. She showed the Brits the whole arsenal of panel antics up to the sweet manner to manipulate the intimate parts of her closet during a concert. While the rest of the audience thought about how to relate to what they saw, “wannabes”, were screaming with delight. They diligently collected a few of them: a sewing haberdashery of all sizes and types flew onto the scene.

“Infantile vulgarity,” responded one of the London newspapers. “Instead of a sweet-haired siren, we saw a spoiled teenager with youthfully swollen self-conceit.”

The public is offended, the crowd of thousands of teenagers is screaming with delight. Apparently, in their opinion, Madonna is stilll better, even the devil in a mortar is. Only not sanctimonious "decent" bourgeois morality. And why, in fact, Madonna shocked Londoners so much? Obscenity? But the society itself is much more obscene, where it is quite legal to trade in live goods, including those for "men's" magazines. Direct declaration of worldview, based on mercantile spirit? Why offended while this is the basis of all Western society. Only that what in "decent" houses is customary to silently hush up, Madonna screams with a foul language. Parents do not like it, but it also attracts children: they want it like it. One thing is bad: pop star, especially not differing in any special talent or taste, is too short-lived as a means to protest. When the stands roared off after the next London concert, one of the veterans of the autograph hunt, which had been idle for ten years already with a notebook on cold pavements waiting for various celebrities, spoke philosophically:

It will take two or three years, and it will end. All the "stars" go out. Look at Boy George - almost no one remembers him. And there are hundreds of such names. The recent idol of Adam Ante - where is he now?

D. Dibrov, TASS, «Young Fareastern», 12.09.1987

Fact-checking 02.01.2019
  • Being a professional dancer, Madonna posed for artists and art photographers in 1978-1980. After 5+ years, they sold photos to Playboy and Penthouse magazines. The pictures were not sufficiently exposing for the format of the magazine, so for one photo they “meat out” even decided to hire a similar girl. Madonna did not pose for porn magazines, respectively, she can not be called neither a professional pornomodel, nor amateur one.
  • On the allegation of the singer’s pornographic career, deacon Andrei Kuraev built his entire propaganda company “Madonna, Go Home” and other slanderous statements. Thanks to Dmitry "Who wants to apologize and not to be a millionaire?" Dibrov, with his inability for 30+ years to recognize the resultant mistake! Thanks to his intellectual efforts, the musical taste in Russia has improved that much the country's music therapists can sleep peacefully. Vivifying vibrations of Buckwheat, FACE and Coin, of course, will help the Roston-on-Don Cossacks to save the Fatherland to the full.


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